DEFA IMMOBILIEN & HAUSVERWALTUNG ensures the value-preserving management of your property - experienced, reliable and always in agreement with the owner. Starting with the correct commercial handling of the rented property, the regular technical inspection of the condition of the building, and the careful selection of tenants that best suit you and the house community: We take care of the professional and comprehensive management of your property. You choose the scope of the tasks that we should take care of.


Our scope of services includes all duties, rights and obligations of an administrator, such as:

General rental management
  • Rental of vacant appartments
  • conclusion of rental contract
  • notice of rental contract
  • Representing the owner in everything - the rental management
    concerning - matters
  • Clarification and processing of all administrative bureaucracy
  • Acceptance on moving in and out including the preperation of a detailed report
    formulation of house rules
Commercial rental management
  • Administration of rent and rental accounting
  • Regulation of all processes relating to the rental deposit
  • Formulation the annual utility cost accounting
  • Rent increases according to the requirements of German tenancy law
  • All correnspondence with the tenants and authorities
Technical rental management
  • Operation and control of the technical facility
  • Procurement contract and monitoring of maintenance measures
  • Regular property inspections including the formulation of an inspection report
  • Reading the meter readings
  • Ordering fuels (e.g. heating oil, pellets) and monitoring the inventory
If your concerns are not listed, please contact us directly using our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Why should i choose DEFA?

We take care of you personally. We don't act just everywhere - we are focused on our home region around Landstuhl, Ramstein and Kaiserslautern. The region we know best, and where we have valuable contacts to experienced craftsmen and service providers, from which you, our valued customers, will benefit from. At DEFA, you always have direct personal contact to the real owners. This guarantees that your concerns will be dealt with quickly and in your interest.