About us

Since 2013, we have been renting single-family homes, especially to members of the U.S. Armed Forces. At the end of 2015, we expanded our range of services to include rental apartments in apartment buildings. since 2013, we have also been responsible for technical property management, including the coordination of various trades, in addition to general and commercial rental management. Due to solid structures and building a reliable base of external partners, DEFA IMMOBILIEN & HAUSVERWALTUNG offers all services to landlords who don't want to worry about their property no more.

Comprehensive & flexible

It is the duty of every building manager to manage an administrative property in the interests of the owner with the aim of achieving the best possible return and with the care of a prudent businessman. We at DEFA IMMOBILIEN & HAUSVERWALTUNG would also like to help secure your property with the long-term preservation of the value of your property.

With empathy, negotiation skills and assertiveness, we take care of the commercial and technical tasks such as billing, repairs and insurance claims, the paperwork such as price inquiries and minutes, the interpersonal issues such as the selection of suitable tenants or the owner's meeting, as well as the administrative aspects, such as the Compliance with legislation and taking out necessary insurance.

Rely on an experienced, competent and responsible partner when it comes to the professional and individual management of your property. Trust DEFA IMMOBILIEN & HAUSVERWALTUNG.


We don't have fixed office hours. We rely on absolute flexibility and customer-oriented services. You and your tenants can contact us at any time of day, in several ways.